Antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) are thought of as potential therapeutic agents against drug-resistant microorganism pathogens. Accurately relating the quantitative properties of AMPs with the activity might expedite novel AMP style. during this study, the structural and chemical science options of peptides computed by the updated PROFEAT net server were applied to develop QSAR models for 101cationic peptides (CAMEL-s). The variables were optimized by stepwise multivariate analysis (SMR) and genetic algorithmic rule (GA), QSAR models were made by multiple statistical regression (MLR) and partial method of least squares (PLS), severally. These models show smart performance in dependability and certainty. The results indicate that these amide descriptors is also promising in QSAR analysis of AMPs, and also the QSAR models ought to be helpful for novel AMP style.

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GENETIC DIVERSITY OF Rhizophora mangle Rhizophora mucronata IN jap REGION OF Timor NTT ISLAND (RI - RDTL BORDER), INDONESIA


The aim of this study is to see the genetic diversity of Rhizopora mucronata that grows within the East region of island Island, East Nusa Tenggara (a border between Ocean State and RDTL). The sampling was distributed in vi angiospermous tree vegetation sites, then laboratory analysis was distributed at the Plant Physiology Laboratory, Tissue Culture Laboratory, Microtechnical Laboratory, Cell and biology Laboratory of University of Brawijaya. The study was conducted victimization quantitative descriptive strategies. deoxyribonucleic acid is isolated from the leaves a part of R. mucronata, then deoxyribonucleic acid is amplified with PCR-RAPD victimization vi primers. deoxyribonucleic acid bands were scored and analyzed with the MVSP program victimization UPGMA technique with the similarity constant of Nei & Li. The results showed that the vi primers used, generate a length of deoxyribonucleic acid between 270-1345 bp, with the quantity of bands between 22-27. the proportion of polymorphism, encompasses a vary between seventy three.91-86.96% altogether primers that square measure used, with Polymorphic data Content (PIC) showing a price of zero.94. Thus, it is ended that the worth of genetic diversity (He) from R. mucronata angiospermous tree population that grows on island Island have a price of zero.666, and R. mucronata angiospermous tree population that grows in Abudenok and Tanjung Bastian has the best genetic diversity with a price of zero.667, while R. mucronata angiospermous tree population in Tanjung Tuamese has rock bottom genetic diversity with a price of zero.664. supported the results of the dendogram analysis, it's classified that R. mucronata angiospermous tree population that grows on island Island correlates with its geographical location. The adjacent populations have a bent to create one subgroup.

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